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Wired / Wireless Alarm Systems
Installations, Maintenance & Repairs

AM Security provides high-quality alarm sytems to domestic and commercial clients throughout Dublin and Wicklow. As an experienced security systems provider, we are able to handle all installation, maintenance and repair work. All of our alarm systems have been sourced from trusted suppliers in order to guarantee their quality and we offer them at a competitive price. Alarm systems can be designed to suit the exact requirements of the client, whether they are for a residence or commercial premises.

Wired Systems

Pre-wired homes are newly built homes or those built in the last 10 years. These homes will have had alarm cables installed during their construction and the cable should be clearly visible on all windows, patios and doors.

A.M. Security Solutions provide a wide range of products from the world’s leading manufacturers including HKC, GSD and GE Security.

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Wire Free Systems

Some of the many benefits of a wire free system include:

  • Flexible systems to meet unusual system requirements

  • Suitable for Small, Medium or Large size Premises

  • Voice annunciation and visual display

  • Can Cover up to 70 Zones

  • Panic Buttons

  • Remote Key Pads and Button fobs available

  • Pet Friendly Motion Detectors

  • Smoke, Carbon and Heat detectors Available

Alarm Brands